RCSCC Patriot Join us in our Remembrance Week activities

In lieu of regular Remembrance Day activities such as the overnight vigil, laying the crosses, parades and more, Cadets have been asked to participate in one or more of the following activities.  These entries will be used the week of Remembrance Day, November 5-11, 2020.

Poster – create a poster that shows “what Remembrance Day means to you” (can be digital) and submit a photo of it (if not digital) to your classroom drive
Video – take a video of you reciting the In Flanders Fields poem, while in uniform.  The video should only be about 1 minute, to understand “how” to say the poem, check out this link on YouTube.  Submit the video to your classroom drive
Audio – Using your phone, record your voice, start the audio with an introduction of your rank/name and then say what Remembrance Day means to you.  In just 1 or 2 sentences, this should only take about 15 t0 30 seconds.  Need some help?  check out this link on YouTube.  Submit the audio file to your classroom drive

All submissions are due on October 30, 2020

Please talk to the UPAR team if you have any questions.

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