All Patriot cadets are encouraged to join one of our competition teams using this button.


Biathlon is a sport, which combines competitive, free-technique cross-country skiing and small-bore rifle marksmanship.

It is a challenging sport because of the combination of two very contradictory disciplines, skiing and shooting.  Cross-country racing requires intense, full out physical exertion over an extended period of time while shooting demands extremely fine control and stability.

Several other competition forms of movement and shooting (such as ski archery, snowshoe biathlon, running and shooting and mountain bike biathlon) are also normally included in the general category of biathlon.  As a result, biathlon is also enjoyed in the summer months.


The drill team sets the highest standard for dress and deportment.  They meet as indicated in the calendar.


UPAR (Unit Public Affairs Representatives) help tell the story of the Cadet Program by writing articles, taking photos and making videos. This provides and captures the cadet's perspective on the cadet program.


Cadet marksmanship training is patterned on Olympic-style competitive shooting with an emphasis on the safe handling and care of firearms.


The band performs on regular training nights and practices at 6:30pm on Thursdays.


Heaving lines, navigation, semaphore, whipping and splicing rope, knot work, naval trivia, creating ceremonial paddles, and constructing sheer leg...  Just a few things the elite can do.


Orienteering is the sport of navigation with map and compass. It’s easy to learn, but always challenging.

The object is to reach a series of points shown on the map, choosing routes–both on and off trail–that will help you find all the required points and get back to the finish in the shortest amount of time.