All Patriot cadets are encouraged to join one of our competition teams using this button.


The band performs on regular training nights and practices at 6:30pm on Thursdays.

  • Band Officer:  CV McKeracher


The drill team sets the highest standard for dress and deportment.  They meet as indicated in the calendar.

  • Drill Instructor:  CI Marsden


Cadet marksmanship training is patterned on Olympic-style competitive shooting with an emphasis on the safe handling and care of firearms.

  • RSO:  SLt. Raper
  • Assisting: CV Bell


Heaving lines, navigation, semaphore, whipping and splicing rope, knot work, naval trivia, creating ceremonial paddles, and constructing sheer leg...  Just a few things the elite can do.

  • Instructor:  Lt.(N) ret’d Kielbowski


Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing or running and marksmanship.

  • Lead Instructor:  SLt. Raper
  • Assisting: Lt.(N) Bottomley, CV Valentini, CI Marsden, CV Marshall