Orienteering Team

All Patriot cadets are encouraged to join one of our competition teams using this button.

Orienteering is a sport that combines physical fitness with the ability to navigate through wilderness using a map and compass. It can be both an individual or team challenge. As such, it touches on several aspects of cadet training – physical fitness, the ability to make decisions, navigation skill, map reading ability, travelling in the outdoors, confidence and discipline.

Orienteering team will consists of single cadets or teams of 2, navigating around a plotted course, marking punches in order or in the fastest time.

Orienteering is a sport which matches up physical fitness and map reading skills. There will be weekend and evening practices where we will practice map reading as well as hiking through different terrain to train cadets in identifying hills, cliffs, trails and using that to their advantage when competing on the course. Cadets on this team will also learn the basics of setting up courses and competitions, and the different types of Orienteering courses.

The goal for the team is to complete the course is the shortest possible time. There are both Zone and Regional competitions in the fall to test a cadet’s skill.