Summer Training

Summer Training

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Summer training is commonly referred to as summer camp by cadets. The hundreds of locally delivered Cadet Activities Program (CAP) Sites, along with the several Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) across Canada offer a variety of exciting and dynamic training courses. Some are located in unique settings and others offer specialized training, such as Blackdown CTC, Trenton CTC, Connaught CTC. Regardless of where a cadet goes for summer training, they are certain to have a fun and rewarding summer. Summer training offers, for some, an opportunity to travel and meet new people from across Canada while learning.

Attending summer training is an opportunity that is unique to the cadet program and we highly encourage every cadet to apply. Below you'll find the Joining Instructions for this years Summer Training.


RCSU Central Cadet Joining Instructions for all cadets attending Summer Training Courses at Cadet Training Centers in Central Region (Blackdown CTC, Trenton CTC, Connaught CTC)

Eastern Region Summer Activities Joining Instructions for Cadet Training Centre (CTC) or in the Cadet Activity Program (CAP)

Regional Cadet Support Unit (PACIFIC) Joining Instructions for attending a Cadet Training Center (CTC) as either a course cadet or a staff cadet.

CTC Common Joining Instructions for Staff Cadets in Central Region 2022

In order to prepare for a cadet summer training centre (CSTC), Look at the joining instructions for the CSTC you will be attending. There is important information about the CSTC and what to pack. There will also be forms that you must fill out and bring with you. In addition, movement orders will be sent to you. Remember to also bring your offer of participation. These forms will be required as you begin to get settled at the CSTC. Have a great Summer!

If you have any questions about the Summer Training, please see your summer contact officer (Lt. T. Raper) or go to  You will be able to register as a parent, and find all required documentation on the portal.