December Routine Orders

Make sure to read the December Routine Orders (ROs) as these will provide valuable information about events, competitions, parade nights and teams, when we meet, where we meet and what to wear.

In addition, the Parent Weekly email will contain additional details about all of our activities (including how to sign up for events), make sure to check your inbox!!!

Tagging activities

Why do we do this?

The Department of National Defence (DND) does cover the cost of uniforms and some resources for the Sea Cadets. 100% of the remaining funding for the Sea Cadets is the responsibility of the local cadet corps. The Navy League Branch works hard during the year to make relationships with locations so that we have the best opportunity to raise the most money.

What do we use tagging money for?

  • Hot dinners and snacks for cadets during camp weekends, Christmas Mess dinner, Year end BBQ.
  • Funding for our winter events (tubing), awards, trophies and takeaways for award winners, and rental fees for the location of our Annual Cadet Review in June.
  • Training equipment such as band equipment, permits for training locations outside the Optimist, sports equipment (Skis, poles, boots)
  • Special uniform pieces not covered by the DND, such as nametags
  • Paper to use in the office to print permissions sheets, kit lists, and lessons.


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