April Routine Orders

We are so excited to be back in person and see all your faces!  Looking forward to the rest of the training year and all the excitement that it will bring.  As you will see on the Routine Orders, we have a lot going on in April.  We will be diving (pun intended) right back in, including: Colours, march past, uniform maintenance, divisions and more.

But wait, there’s more …

Have you signed up for a team?

Cadets are encouraged to join any of the various extracurricular teams which are run throughout the year. Many of our teams give cadets the opportunity to travel for competitions and make new friends. Teams practice on their own schedules which can vary week-to-week. Check out the Teams page on our website.

Time to Escape

Not to be confused with Escape Room by Sony Pictures, we will be going to Crypto Escape Room in Newmarket on April 26. More details to follow, remember to check your email to get detailed information about all cadet activities.


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