221 RCSCC Patriot Scavenger Hunt

The staff at 221 RCSCC Patriot have planned for an exciting and competitive night this Tuesday November 24, 2020.  We will be running a Virtual Scavenger Hunt and your cadet will be participating.  There will be a prize for the team that accumulates the most points.

To ensure that the event runs smoothly, the cadets need to be on the same page about how the game works. See below for ground rules:

  1. All items must be found in their own home
  2. Each item can only be used once to fulfill an entry.
  3. Stay safe. At no point will the game require players to perform challenges that are dangerous or break the law.

Here is the list of items and challenges: Scavenger Hunt List

Make sure you have access to a webcam to fully participate.  Remember to arrive on time, as the cadets have a limited amount of time to collect/complete challenges.

See you all tonight!

Remembrance Week 2020

How are we commemorating this year

2020 has brought many challenges to many people, including our Veterans. The cadets at 221 RCSCC Patriot have long been proud supporters by participating in many events including assisting in the sale of Poppies, marching in parades, laying crosses and the overnight vigil at the cenotaph. The cadets and staff have come together to participate in a week long event, starting on November 5th and ending on November 11th. Each day on our various social media platforms we will be showcasing work done by our cadets, including art, video and audio recordings.

FB Artwork Raper - Remembrance Day 2020 Continue reading “Remembrance Week 2020”

November Routine Orders

Here are the November Routine Orders, they list upcoming training days.  A special thank you to all the cadets, your continued involvement in the program is commendable.

Remember to check the website and other social media outlets for more information about Remembrance Day.

If you have any questions about how to log on, please contact us for assistance.